In 2015 I had been experiencing several episodes of sleep walking over several weeks or possibly months. I did a number of things including getting up and going to the kitchen, opening the fridge. I walked outside to the swimming pool (fortunately not getting in it). I wrote the time on a piece of paper in the kitchen one night.  Apparently my son tells me “yes Mum you used to do it a lot”. All the time knowing what I had done but not recalling why I was getting out of bed to do these things. But the absolutely worst event was when I actually drove my car whilst asleep !  I woke up in the car still driving.  I can’t remember whether I was dressed or in my pyjamas.  I was just around the corner from my house in the suburbs, I recall thinking what am I doing here and knew how to get home. I don’t remember the trip home at all The next morning I knew what I had done because my car was all squiffy in the garage and the garage door was not down. Something had to be done about this I was terrified it would happen again. I visited Dave – just one visit – he put me under hypnosis. I am very pleased and relieved to say that I have not had a single episode of sleep walking since in 2 years. Hypnosis really worked!  So very happy with this result. I later learned that many people “sleep drive” even quite long distances.  But thanks to Dave this will not be me  – Helen


New Dimension Vitality Testimonial

(SMS testimonial from client coming to her 2nd session – she had her 1st session Dave in our Fremantle clinic and then came to our Ocean Reef office.)


Will recommend hypnotherapy to everyone. David helped me to reach my goal of overcoming 3 yrs old drug habit.
V.K., Western Australia

REIKI HAPPY CLIENT (since 2015) (Erin has even had Reiki via Skype with awesome results)

I have been seeing Sharon for a year and every session with her is truly life-changing. Before working with this extraordinary woman, I had seen many energy workers and healers, but was still repeating patterns, feeling stuck in my life and dealing with some big physical health issues. I was hesitant to try someone else, but her confidence, grounded and humble energy and kind, caring soul made me feel drawn to her. My first session blew me away and since then I regularly see Sharon, even when I am overseas! I have gained extensive clarity, focus and direction in my life since working with her and my spiritual journey has now become a very important and prominent part of my life. In fact, from our sessions I have had many big shifts, including an overseas move, the healing of a cyst that meant I could avoid surgery and other drastic improvements in my physical health, altered my business and increased my abundance, let go of and welcomed in many relationships and have truly stepped into my authentic self. I have recommend Sharon to many friends, who have all experienced life-changing results. She is a gifted channeller that you can trust completely. Thank you Sharon for everything you have done for me. Erin 


Hi guys,

Hope this email finds you both well. Please find below my Testimonial, sorry it has taken so long I have just been really busy and the days seem to be getting away from me to quickly.
Beginning of November 2014 I decided to try Hypno-Band for Weight Loss as I had been struggling with my weight for the past 8 years. I had tried Shakes, Diets, Pills and Gym sessions with all making me lose a little weight but giving up not long after as I lost interest and wanted things I shouldn’t have so what did I have to lose. I can happily say that it’s been 18 weeks since I had my first session and have lost 18.5 kilos and still enjoying it. Nothing has really changed in my day to day routine, just the way I see and think about things. Instead of eating something bad hypnosis has made me choice something much healthier, stopped me from bingeing and cut out daily soft drink. I go for a walk most nights but not every night. I still enjoy treats and a can of soft drink but in moderation. I have bad days but move on and have a lot of good days, I don’t beat myself up on bad choices I have made as its to late and can’t undo what I have already done, I just think positive on how I can better myself next time. I would highly recommend the Hypno-Band as it has changed my life… I can’t wait to kick the next 15kilos for good and reach my Goal Weight.

Kind regards,
NU – Fremantle Clinic Client


I highly recommend Sharon as a professional Kinesiologist, with a skills set more comprehensive than anyone I know. I am very particular in who I and my family see. Sharon was referred to me by quite a few friends so her reputation is impeccable. Every time I leave a session with Sharon, I am more aligned and balanced. Thankyou foe being so passionate and caring. Lisa Tassell ND


Alcohol Hypnotherapy Testimonial


I have been a kinesiology client of Sharon’s for a number of years and originally started seeing Sharon for hormonal, stress and nutritional related issues. I was feeling overwhelmed with work / life balance and each month had numerous PMT symptoms and low self esteem. I have come a long way since then and through Sharon’s expertise, knowledge and compassion I feel I have grown into a more confident person. My physical issues have disappeared and I have more balance within my work and family life.  Sharon’s gifts are truly amazing.

Karen, Padbury


Thank you Dave and Sharon.
I heard of Hypnotherapy treatment from a friend that went to see Dave to try and give up smoking, and from one session she had not smoked again. I have had a weight problem since I was about 30 years old, I am now 68, I am what you would call a chocoholic, having tried many diets, I would lose it and put it back on again, so I thought, try this and if I had no luck just give up.
So I went to see Dave, a very nice man, and spent half an hour telling him all my bad habits, chocolate the worst one, he asked me if I wanted to give it up for good or just a short time, I said for ever, so Dave did the hypnotherapy. That evening my husband offered me a chocolate coated peanut, just to test me, I just had one, and thought not much to it, and since then I have not eaten chocolate or had the desire to have any.
I keep a tin with fun bars in it for my grandchildren, and when I was up at night, which is just about every night, I would eat the fun bars, but now the desire has gone for chocolate and the tin stays full.

I also spoke to Sharon a partner of Dave’s that does Nutrition and the things Sharon told me, put me on the right way to eat, I now have a cooked breakfast and eat more than I have ever,eaten before and since the first time I saw Dave I have lost weight slowly, it is the best thing I have ever done in my life for weight loss, I cannot thank him enough and Sharon too.

One other thing I would like to tell you is I suffer with restless legs, Dave saw this when he read my report of things that I have had or still have, and he said I could try to help you with this with magnetic treatment. so I said I will give it a go.
After the first treatment for this, my legs did not seem much better, I was still having a job to sit in the evenings, and up 2 to 3 hours in the night with the legs, Dave said come and have another go free, so I did.
Now I can sit in the evenings, and go to bed and sleep all night, might have the odd restlessness, but it soon goes, it is hard to believe that one man can have such power over ones subconscious, I will always be so grateful to Dave.


To whom it may concern. I have been a client of Sharon’s for …… Years. Sharon is kind, warm, welcoming and respectful. Sharon has always made me feel extremely comfortable in her presence. Sharon has an abundance of authentic energy, and shares it graciously. I have found that by visiting Sharon, she has helped me reach a deeper level of understanding my emotions. I always leave my appointments feeling grounded, balanced and happy. Every session has been different and is a treat for all my senses. Eg, smell, essential oils, sound healing, touch with the energy flow and crystal healing, taste bush flower essence and visualisation. Sharon is highly knowledgable in her field and very generous with sharing her wisdom. I would highly recommend anyone to make an appointment with Sharon, go in with an open mind and let Sharon work her magic. Then truly reap the benefits of this soul connecting experience. I am eternally grateful to Sharon. I look forward to each and every appointment. Warm regards Corrina Goggin.

I have smoked since I was 14, I am now 42.
I did enjoy smoking but decided for my own health and family I needed to quit!
All it took was 1 phone call and I am now a proud non-smoker.
My partner still smokes and this does not bother me and I am so thankful for the help in becoming a non-smoker.

Sandra, Munster

I have been set free thanks to you. For 14 years I smoked pot every single day of my life, all day, every minute just about. I had tried psychologists, psychiatrist, medication, exercise, everything and I felt like I couldn’t feel good normally. It wasn’t until I saw you that you took me back to why I started, the underlying issues that were really bothering me and unlocked it in my subconscious to stop this deeply engrained habit that took all of my money and health. Since then I slowed right down and after a few weeks have completely stopped and I don’t know even know myself anymore, I am a brand new being.

I have saved for a house in that time- was spending over $300 a week on that crap before- could have already owned a house by now for the amount I had wasted on it, I ruined relationships and was losing hope that I would ever get past this. While this is not physically addictive, it is actually a bad habit and any habit- whether compulsive spending, eating, smoking, drinking, gambling- can ruin your life when its out of control. Thanks to Dave and Sharon I have completely stopped all of the above and stopped trying to fill this void I used to feel and fill with anything I could not to feel empty anymore. Obviously it is not a miracle cure, it takes time and willingness to change, but with their help I have had the strength to see the light..

Thank you for changing my life… Ill be back again for sure.

My fear of flying stems back a long way. Ive had hypnosis for it before but nothing really worked. Dave’s technique was fantastic it was the first flight that I have had in years where I was relaxed. I even managed to watch a movie all the way through.
Hypnosis for flying is the best decision I made
Thanks to Dave

All I can say is “Wow, Wow, Wow.”
I saw Dave and Sharon in June (2012) for the Hypno Band procedure and I havent looked back. I have lost around 20 kilos in 2 months and it has been the easiest weight loss journey of my life. I look great and feel even better. If you are struggling with your weight loss efforts then I believe the Hypno Band system is the assistance you need and Creatively Divine Hypnotherapy is the ONLY place to go!