Sharon’s Workshop Discounts

2017 Workshops & More…..

Reiki Level I – Friday 25th August in Fremantle and Saturday 26th August in Ocean Reef – NORMALLY $400 NOW $240

Reiki Level II – Saturday 30th September in Fremantle – NORMALLY $550 NOW $350

REIKI –  Reiki is universal life energy that is available to everyone, however when you receive an attunement to the Reiki energy you are being initiated into the energy.  Initiation can be defined as the action of beginning, entering upon, or starting a formal introduction or instruction, usually ceremoniously and sacredly, into a knowledge or practice.  Visit our dedicated Reiki website for further information.

Introduction to Tarot Reading – Saturday 7th October – NORMALLY $50 NOW $30 

TAROT – In this introductory workshop we will discuss Tarot Cards, a little about the history of Tarot, how to choose your deck, how to clear your cards and how to give a basic tarot card reading.

Psychic Development For Beginners – ongoing weekly from Tuesday 10th October – NORMALLY $20 NOW $10 (if you start at this price your savings will be locked in for 12 months)

1 Day Psychic Development for Beginners Workshop. Normally $250 now $150 – includes a crystal mojo bag, pendulum and notes for all participants.

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT – Psychic and intuitive abilities are the birthright of everyone on Earth, not just a chosen few. These abilities are latent within us all  and with a little practice and patience, you’ll be well on your way towards increasing your psychic ability. Intuition and psychic development can occur through many different spiritual practices and we will look at why do it and what it means in your life. We will also learn basic meditation, grounding, protection and connection exercises in these development workshops and classes.

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